The Best Thailand Wedding Venues In Bangkok

The best Thailand wedding venues are probably either in Bangkok or at the luxury beach resorts.  Each of these venues has its own charms, so it becomes a matter of personal preference.  If the bride and groom would rather a more private location, then perhaps a resort is a better choice.  However, if the couple is more into the nightlife, then the city may be more to their liking.

Bangkok literally has thousands of hotel rooms, but there are only a few hotels that are suited to host a wedding and/or a reception, not to mention the bridal night.  Nonetheless, those few are stunning and run the gamut from old-fashioned and luxurious to modern and upscale.

The Siam

This is a unique property which opened in 2012.  Perhaps more appropriate for a honeymoon than the wedding ceremony or reception, the Siam looks like something out of the pages of a high-fashion magazine.  The décor is a chic and elegant blend of Thai architecture and art deco making the common areas the perfect place for meeting friends and acquaintances.

The guest rooms are spacious and inviting, designed to be comfortable and stylish.  There are also guest pool villas along the banks of the river which have outdoor and indoor sitting areas.  The Siam is located in Bangkok’s Old City which makes it convenient to sightseeing and to some of the city’s best restaurants.  There is also a private hotel boat to transport guests from the hotel’s private dock into the city.


The Mandarin Oriental

One of the best Thailand wedding venues is the “Oriental”, which is the local name of the Mandarin Oriental.  More than a century old, the Oriental is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.  Located on the river at the edge of Bangkok’s Chinatown, most of the Oriental’s rooms have a river view and are beautifully appointed.

The hotel is conveniently located near the Skytrain which will take guests directly to downtown Bangkok or into bustling Chinatown, both a quick trip on the train.  The Oriental also hosts several restaurants right on the premises, including one of the best French restaurants in Southeast Asia, Le Normandie, the Oriental’s French restaurant.

Chakrabongse Villas

Chakrabongse Villas is another riverside hotel in Bangkok.  This resort offers their guests small teak villas located right on the river, but is more exclusive and private than the bigger hotels.  These villas are not as modern as the bigger hotels, but offer guests the basic comforts.

The resort was once a royal residence and is extremely private which makes it a very nice choice for a honeymoon location.  It is also located within a “regular” Bangkok neighborhood, which provides guests an opportunity to experience the real Bangkok.

The Eugenia

The Eugenia was built in 2006 and is a replica of a 19th century colonial mansion.  It is located in the middle of downtown Bangkok and is a small, charming hotel decorated with many antiques and even a few period cars.

It is a very small property, but has all the amenities guests require, including a small swimming pool.  There are only twelve rooms, so guests are assured of plenty of staff attention.

These are some of the best Thailand wedding villas and all are located in Bangkok.  Any of these will provide a wonderful experience for a bridal couple.